Danielle Rousseau, Psychologist

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Danielle Rousseau

  • Psychologist
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My work with clients has been shaped by many years of  working with people who carried trauma. They have helped create synergy with my education that keeps evolving.

I start clients with an assessment both written and as interviews.  Clients with physical, emotional and psychological dysregulation begin to process somatic and psychological issues as a prelude to processing trauma. Along the way, we also work with theory of mind, broadening the ability to retrieve how others think and live and how to think about that. Coaching is available for times of crisis.

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  • Psychological therapy

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Step By Step Therapy


My facilities include the possibility of coming in person on Saturdays, videoconferencing and meeting for a walk, or on the phone. 

In person sessions on Saturdays are provided in a fully equipped office in the Statesman Building offices. (Parking is free.)

Videoconferencing can be done either by Doxy.me or a Zoom meeting. 

Walking sessions are helpful for increased environmental awareness and take place in an agreed upon setting. 

Phone sessions can be arranged..

Let me know what mixture of choices that might be interest you. 
I'll look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Psychological therapy
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