Adrien Ip, Acupuncturist


Adrien Ip

  • Acupuncturist
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  • Mid cost $85 - $98 per visit
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As an acupuncturist, I utilize classical acupuncture concepts in combination with Dr. Yamamoto's Scalp acupuncture and Master Tung’s acupuncture methodology to greatly increases the therapeutic effects and shorten the duration of the entire course of treatment. As a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I design herbal prescriptions according to principles of the ancestral methods of TCM, focusing mostly on the patient's syndrome in relation to the 24 seasons and the movement of the sun. My greatest reward is a happy patient who has been relieved from their ailments.

Treatments & services

  • Acupuncture
  • Cupping therapy
  • Traditional chinese medicine

Languages spoken

  • English


  • University of British Columbia
  • International College of TCM in Vancouver

Professional associations

  • The International College of TCM in Vancouver
  • Graduate of the five-year Doctor of TCM program-Former intern at the Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital in Taipei
  • I have accumulated extensive clinical experience in a hospital setting. I gained experience in TCM gastroenterology, gynecology, auto-immunology, pulmonology, cardiology, endocrinology, paediatrics, and musculoskeletal problems. Most importantly, I had the valuable opportunity to diagnose and treat patients in the Intensive Care Unit.
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People of all cultures are seeking for alternative and natural forms of treatments and, ultimately, many turn to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The efficacy and benefits in which this ancient form of medicine brings upon are what convinces people to follow through with their treatments. Acupuncture, one of the major treatment methods in TCM, is used to regain balance of the body’s energetic flow (Qi) and restore harmony between the body, mind, and spirit. The holistic approach will effectively enhance one’s general health condition, and reinforce the body against potential pathogens.

Services & supplies

  • Acupuncture
  • Cupping therapy
  • Traditional chinese medicine
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